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Poland | Warsaw

— Venture Café Warsaw

Venture Café Warsaw is a non-profit organization and global network dedicated to supporting the local ecosystem of innovations. Their mission is to "connect innovators to make things happen" through high-impact programming, spaces, storytelling and broad engagement in innovations. Together with them we create our IT GIRLS SCHOOL program
Poland | Warsaw

- Intel

Intel creates revolutionary technologies that contribute to global progress and enrich people's lives. The company is a pioneer in popularizing the new technology industry among women. Intel conducts a number of activities aimed at both employees and high school students, students and professionals in the IT industry. These include the Intel Update Fairytales program addressed to preschoolers, New Technologies for Girls addressed to high school graduates and students of engineering and master's studies, Women in Tech Camp for students of technical universities or IT for SHE. Since the first edition in 2018, Intel is also a partner of the Women in Tech Summit. Through the AI for Youth program, the company also supports education on artificial intelligence in secondary and vocational schools.

Poland | Warsaw

— PwC

PwC is a leading global organization providing professional advisory services. Their goal is to build public trust and solve key problems. They provide customers with the highest quality business, technology, tax and legal consulting and auditing services.

Together we create programs that spread positive role models, inspire women to taking action and build their confidence.

InPost | Poland

— InPost

InPost is a leader in offering modern logistics services and the first company in Poland to create a network of Paczkomat® machines - self-service points for sending and collecting parcels, open 24/7. Thanks to innovative technology, they enable the collection of parcels more conveniently, cheaper and with the benefit of the environment. For years, they have been taking key actions in many important socio-environmental areas, including: supporting women's professional activity, achievements of athletes, implementing solutions that reduce CO2 emissions, and improving logistics efficiency.

One of InPost's goals is to create a world of simple solutions, using modern technologies, knowledge, passion and creativity of Polish engineers and specialists.

Concordia Design Wroclaw | Warsaw

— Concordia Design Wroclaw

Concordia Design Wrocław – in the heart of the city, on the Słodowa Island, we provide space for work, exchange of ideas and inspiration. This is where companies, freelancers, startups develop and create, because we offer more. It's not just coworking, but an amazing community where we feel a creative buzz, we work together to change reality.

We meet not only to work, but also to eat well. At Concordia Taste Wrocław you will taste the unique cuisine by Damian Bildzia. You will have the opportunity to see a spectacular view of the city panorama on our terrace, where you will not only drink delicious coffee, but also experience more, because it is here that unconventional games and events take place.
Concordia Design Wrocław is also a modern conference center - we organize business and employee events, but always creative! Inspiring for further actions and another bold step into the future, for more.
netcompany | Warsaw

— netcompany

Netcompany is one of the most trusted partners offering digitization solutions for large enterprises. They provide comprehensive services - from consulting, through development, to implementation and supervision of large IT systems. 

Thanks to them, we can develop programs that spread computer science and technology among women. 

Poland | Warsaw

- Dreampire

Creating an image is an art that requires patience, knowledge and experience. There is only one chance for the first impression. Dreampire is here to make it the best it can be. It accompanies brands in their development as well as provides the necessary tools. It believes that attractive design fires the imagination of customers and influences their decisions. It analyzes trends and, based on them, realizes film productions and photo shoots. It engages the recipients. It shows valuable information. It creates the content you need. 

We are able to convey the ideas of our foundation in such a beautiful form thanks to them, and our activities are professionally documented. 

Poland | Warsaw

— PWN Scientific Publishing House

WN PWN is one of the largest Polish publishing houses. Thanks to cooperation with the best specialists in almost all fields of science, PWN publications are distinguished by the highest level and reliability. 

Poland | Warsaw

— Coding Giants

Coding Giants is one of the largest programming schools for kids and teens. It is their mission to show students how much potential there is in learning of programming and the enormous benefits that come with it.

Poland | Warsaw

The purpose of the creators of the “Small Steps to Big Things” journal, is to ensure children a balanced development and properly prepare them for a good life. Like most parents, they want to raise children who are curious about the world, ready to take on challenges and seek solutions. They are concerned about fostering kid’s self-confidence and trusting their own abilities regardless of the judgments of others and without external pressure.

The goal of the creators of the diary of small steps to great things is to provide children with balanced development and proper preparation for a good life. Like most parents, they want to raise children who will be curious about the world, ready to take on challenges and look for solutions. They want to strengthen their self-confidence and trust in their own abilities, regardless of the assessment of others and without external pressure.

They support us in building confidence among children.

Poland | Warsaw

- Giants of Education

Giganci Edukacji (eng. Giants of Education) are part of Giganci Programowania (eng. Giants of Programming), an educational institution that offers programming courses for children and teenagers. However, they focus on learning math, which also develops logical and analytical thinking skills. 

Poland | Warsaw

- Toadstool Publishing House

The Publishing Company Muchomor, in accordance with the principle "learning through fun" focuses on the education of children from an early age. Many of their books receive top awards, and a several have even been published abroad.

Poland | Warsaw

— Autologic

Authologic is a young online user verification company. They provide a single API to enable many different verification methods such as selfie, verification through open e-banking, and digital identity.

US | Los Angeles


UNUM is a brand that creates tools to facilitate social media and marketing campaigns. By using only one tool it is possible to create, edit and publish a content.

Poland | Warsaw

— Matura Haven

Maturalna Przystań provides great math courses that prepare students for the high school diploma. They are involved in educating young people and preparing them to pass the high school diploma in mathematics at the possible high level.

Poland | Warsaw

— SP 80

Primary School No. 80 Maria Kownacka