Girl power


What we do

01. Girls are strong.

— Support

We support female students and pupils wishing to study IT, women currently working in IT or wishing to change their profession. Have questions? Need some help? Contact us!

02. Girls can do it all.

— Inspiration

We hold meetings with students from primary and high schools. We provide a preview of the realities of studying technical and IT faculties as well as working in the IT industry. We support the development of technological interests among children and young people.

03. Girls are smart.

— Education

It is time to stop stereotyping people who work in IT. Literally everyone can work in this industry! Regardless of age, appearance or gender. Girls can do it! Willingness, commitment, analytical skills, and persistence in achieving goals – that is what really matters.

04. We inspire, regardless of gender.

— Non-exclusion

One of our mottoes is "inclusive not exclusive". We would like to emphasize that we do not exclude boys and men from our activities - we also want to encourage them to take up a career in the technology industry and they are always welcome at our events and workshops. Anyway, they often participate in these events and are very satisfied.

05. Girls have potential.

— Cooperation

scholarships and internships to students and young girls at prestigious companies from around the world. Want to support our activities? Contact us! studentkom i młodym dziewczynom stypendia oraz staże w prestiżowych firmach z całego świata. Chciał(a)byś wesprzeć nasze działania? Napisz do nas!

About us

As a foundation, we support, educate and inspire young people and women involved in new technology and IT. We are determined to encourage young girls not to be afraid to dream of a career in science, computer science, or any other profession of their choice. Our dream is to develop a passion for technology, not to limit it. We even want this passion to be cultivated. We want women to be able to follow the career path of their dreams, and our job is to help them in spreading their wings. We would like to emphasize that we do not exclude boys and men from our activities - we also want to encourage them to take up a career in the technology industry and they are always welcome at our events and workshops.

Our founders are sisters, with an educational background in computer science. Both graduated from the Warsaw University of Technology. Wiola from the Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology (EiTI), Ada from the Faculty of Mathematics and Information Science (MiNI). They established the foundation because they strongly believe in the skills and potential of women and wanted to start supporting them and promote positive models. The Klimczak sisters were raised under the belief that women are strong, extremely talented and empathetic, as well as capable of achieving great objectives. This is the image of women that they want to promote among the IT community.

Our activities aim to support, associate, educate and inspire women working and interested in new technologies and IT. We want to show the world that women can succeed in these professions.

Our programs


The IT GIRLS SCHOOL workshops series invites 7th and 8th grade students to the CIC business center. During the workshops, students have the opportunity to see how the work of people connected with IT looks like as well as interesting demos of various technological solutions and work in a modern office, such as CIC Warsaw. The program is held in cooperation with Venture Cafe Warsaw Foundation.


Did you know that even 6-year-old girls believe in gender stereotypes? Did you know that at this early stage, many girls will unknowingly abandon their dreams related to certain professions stereotypically considered “for men only”? This is absolutely terrifying! Hence, our small dream is that we, as a society, become more and more aware of these stereotypes. In our "Breaking Stereotypes" project, we will present you the most common, harmful stereotypes related to the field of computer science and new technologies as well as to raising children.


Einstein. Newton. Tesla. Gates. Banach Jobs Hawking One could endlessly keep listing like this. But how many of these famous, prominent scientists and inventors were, or are, women? This is exactly what is missing in Polish education. The education about female role models and authority figures in the world of technology and science. After all, it's not like these women don't exist. There are many of them, and that is what we want to highlight in our educational cycle titled "WOMEN IN STEM".