METSy - campaign of the IT Girls Foundation

Your words can save girls' dreams of changing the world.

Would you like you or your child to hear such texts?

Girls must like it! Maybe we can do makeup?!

Science... we better go shopping!!!

If you're pretty, you don't have to study at all!

Neither do we! And unfortunately this happens all the time on the Internet… and in reality too…

That's why we launched a social campaign aimed at breaking gender stereotypes that make it difficult for women to succeed in STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics). The protagonist of the campaign is an interactive doll whose statements were generated by artificial intelligence based on Internet content about raising girls and women's predispositions. They contain messages that shape the personality and self-esteem of girls from childhood, influencing their life choices. The initiative draws attention to the stereotyping that women face from an early age and shows how we can contribute to breaking harmful communication patterns.

Meet METS - A doll that supports girls

In a world where women still face barriers in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), initiative metsythedoll is at the forefront of change. The social campaign, the heart of which is the interactive METSy doll, is intended to break gender stereotypes that limit girls from an early age in pursuing their scientific and technological passions.

Internatywna lalka METSy

A voice that awakens consciousness

METSy, equipped with Marika's voice and powered by artificial intelligence, expresses opinions that reflect stereotypes present in society. These statements, although harmful, are real - selected by AI from huge amounts of data from the Internet. METSy aims to raise awareness of the words that shape young girls' worldview and self-esteem, potentially steering them away from STEM career paths.

A change of perspective

The metsythedoll campaign does not end with exposing the problem. Through the process of reprogramming the doll into its positive version - STEMmy, she shows how harmful stereotypes can be counteracted. STEMmy is a doll that now inspires and motivates girls to develop their interests in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Education through interaction

Reprogramming METSy to the STEMmy version is done by solving a programming task together, which is not only an opportunity to learn, but also to build relationships. This initiative emphasizes how important it is to support girls in their scientific interests from an early age, offering them positive role models and encouraging them to explore the world of STEM.​

Sustainable development

The production of the METSy doll using 3D printing technology, in cooperation with Sygnis, and clothes designed by Monika Cisło from recycled materials, emphasize the campaign's commitment to sustainable development. It is a project that combines technological innovation with care for the environment.

See METS in the media

Find out more about the campaign from interviews with Adrianna and Wioletta Klimczak - founders of the IT Girls Foundation and Marika - the voice of METS and the ambassador of the campaign.

Watch the action spot

Fortunately, METSy is not a real toy. But the comments on the basis of which the AI created its opinions are absolutely true. It is our words that stop girls' dreams of changing the world. Support them!

But together we can turn every little METS into STEMmy! After reprogramming, the doll now speaks completely different messages - supporting girls in their pursuit of development in STEM fields. See how we can reprogram our thinking and stop repeating stereotypes about what girls can and are capable of.