Cooperation with IT Girls - Together we can do more!

So why not do something together?

Be part of the change!

We are encouraged when we see our participants realizing their dreams, going to college and breaking technological barriers. All of this is made possible thanks to the generous support of our donors and partner organizations.

Donations to IT Grils go directly towards offering high-quality education, programs and resources to our diverse global community of children, youth and women.

You can help us make the world a better place for children and young people looking for their career path.

We used the support amounts from our existing partners in 2023 for:

  • 62,310 distributed educational materials for children and youth
  • 3,124 so many children took advantage of our stationary workshops
  • 6,342 teachers used our educational materials

What can we do together?

The activities of our foundation are aimed at showing children - especially girls - that they can do much more than stereotypes allow.


Together, we can create a workshop concept that will meet your company's business goals and our statutory goals. We are ready to respond to challenges. Let us know what workshop topic you would be interested in.

Ready lesson plans

If you are looking for volunteering for your employees, we can undertake the creation of special outlines that will be used in nearby schools by employees.

Company event

We can conduct workshops for women in your company - on how to support each other, as well as training for men on how to support women and their careers in the organization. If you want, we can talk about a special topic of the event. 

Open event

We can run an open event. We offer knowledge, experienced people and we deal with the promotion of the event. Please let us know what you need. 

Donate % a percentage of your sales

You can donate any % from the sale of your services or products. You decide what part you want to spend on our statutory goals. Let us know, we will definitely choose the best solution. 

Joint campaign

We carry out many campaigns in which we create products that support children in discovering their superpowers. We touch the hearts of children and their parents. Contact us to make a campaign that will live on after it ends.

— Cooperation with us means real benefits for your company —


we can implement CSR projects together that will show the company as socially engaged. 


we will help you build a credible company image. Value-based, real action to change the world for the better.


by engaging in joint activities, you will show your customers and employees real actions, and thus increase their loyalty to the brand.