Girls are strong.


Our approach

We inspire, associate and support women in the IT professions.

The fact that women in IT are in a significant minority has been known for a long time.Recent studies show that 91% of programmers worldwide are male! In Poland, the situation looks like even worse, as women represent only 5.9% of all developers. 

What we are happy about is a fact that it's being talked about more and more. Many companies have decided to run campaigns encouraging women to work in their organizations. At universities there are special programs created for girls studying technical faculties. But is it enough? Unfortunately, the forecasts do not suggest that... 

However, we do not give up and strongly believe that together we can at least slightly improve this situation. What's more, we already have a plan for that, and we're getting into action! 

One of the main goals of our foundation is to change stereotypes that are already common among 5-6 year olds, because these stereotypes are strongly formed during the youngest years of life and influence our further choices. 

But we shall not stop there! That's why we keep going and educate, encourage and support women at every stage of their development. We dream of giving women the strength, courage and sense that they can achieve anything they dream of! After all, there is a power in women!



— Our vision

We are determined to encourage young girls not to be afraid to dream of a career in science, computer science, or any other profession of their choice. We wish that the passion for technology would not be tempered in girls, as it often happens. We even want this passion to be cultivated. We want women to be able to follow the career path of their dreams, and our job is to help them in spreading their wings.


— Our mission

The main goal of our foundation is to associate, inspire, educate and promote positive role models among children, teenagers and adult women interested in professions related to new technologies as well as IT. We want to change the stereotypical image of a person working in such a profession. Let's show that women are strong, talented, ambitious and can do it all.


— Our story

During their own adventure with computer science, both in college and later in the workplace, our funders noticed a big difference between the number of women and men working in this profession. In contrast, research shows that neither gender has a stronger predisposition toward math or analytical skills. So why do so few women work in a profession where these two fields merge so strongly? There are many answers to this question, but they all lead to the similar conclusions. The passion for technology and exploring the world is often tempered among young girls. Our mission is to develop this passion, show positive role models and support women who already work in these professions or want to start their careers.

About us

As a foundation we support, educate and inspire, young people and women involved in new technology and IT. We are determined to encourage young girls not to be afraid to dream of a career in science, computer science, or any other profession of their choice. We would like to emphasize that we do not exclude boys and men from our activities – we want to encourage them to take up a career in the technology industry as well and they are always welcome at our events and workshops.

Our founders are sisters, with an educational background in computer science. Both graduated from the Warsaw University of Technology. Wiola from the Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology (EiTI), Ada from the Faculty of Mathematics and Information Science (MiNI). They established the foundation because they strongly believe in the skills as well as capabilities of women and wanted to start supporting them and promote positive models. The Klimczak sisters were raised under the belief that women are strong, extremely talented and empathetic, as well as capable of achieving great goals. This is the image of women they want to promote among the IT community.

Our activities aim to support, associate, educate and inspire women working and interested in new technologies and IT. We want to show the world that women can succeed in these professions!

Our Team

Wioletta Klimczak


Wiola graduated from the Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology (EiTI), She does just about everything at the foundation, from organizing events and being a mentor to the kids to dealing with invoices. One could say that without her, nothing would happen. She is not afraid of any task. 

Privately a fan of holistic approach and meditation. Her passion discovered during the pandemic is traveling. If she could, she would spend most of her time working remotely from all different places of the world.

Adrianna Klimczak


Ada graduated from the Faculty of Mathematics and Information Science (MiNI) at Warsaw University of Technology. Together with Wiola, she is involved in all activities of the foundation. She enjoys leading workshops for children and giving them more confidence. She is responsible for graphic design, branding of the Foundation and running our Social Media. 

In her free time, she loves to play sports, both HIIT and yoga. She enjoys discovering Warsaw's culinary secrets in the evenings, whether in a restaurant or in the comfort of her kitchen.

Paweł Węgier


Paweł runs workshops on improving self-confidence and achieving inner peace. He started dealing with mental health and mindfulness seriously around 2014, when he took over the first sales and service team at Orange Polska S.A. He noticed pretty quickly that the mood and the mental of his team correlates directly to the results. 

Why does he work with the Foundation? As he says, " From the very beginning, I felt that you support others out of the need of your heart; this passion is deeply rooted in your business. There is an honesty and authenticity in what you do. Such people and such projects are worth supporting."

In every free moment he plays the guitar. It is not only a passion for him, but also a meditation and a way to express himself. medytacja i sposób wyrażenia siebie.

Kasia Stankevich


Kasia graduated from the Faculty of Mathematics and Information Science at Warsaw University of Technology, with a degree in IT. Currently, she is continuing her studies at Imperial Business School in London to complete a master's degree.

Kasia has been working in international consulting companies for about 3 years as Data Engineer and now as Data Team Lead. She is a certified Google Architect and Engineer. She runs programming Hackathons and workshops related to Machine Learning and Big Data. In her spare time, she implements various entrepreneurial opportunities within and beyond technology! And when she needs a sport challenge then diving and climbing are her bets.

Dominika Krysińska


Dominika has been professionally involved in development, consulting and HR projects for the last 11 years. As a professional partner of the Foundation, she runs classes on choosing a career path, its change, discovering strengths, the future of the labor market associated with the development of new technologies.

She supports women on their way to personal and professional success in the IT industry in the form of consultations and mentoring meetings. She shares her knowledge, experiences and helps not to get lost in the dynamic job market.

Her passion is automotive, since 2018 she co-owns a company in the automotive industry.